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How do I?

…REPORT A CRIME?With the exception of a 9-1-1 emergency, incidents or criminal activity should be reported to the law enforcement agency that covers the area where the crime or incident took place. If a crime occurs:

Inside Waynesville city limits, please contact the Waynesville Police Department at (828) 456-5363;
Inside Canton city limits, please contact the Canton Police Department at (828) 648-2376;
Inside Maggie Valley city limits, please call Maggie Valley Police Department at (828) 926-0867;

The Haywood County Office of the Sheriff covers all criminal matters that occur outside of the town limits and within Clyde. If you have a civil paper to be delivered anywhere in the county, this also must be done by the Sheriff's Office. Please contact Haywood County Communications Center at (828) 452-6666.
…APPLY FOR A CONCEALED WEAPON PERMIT?North Carolina offers a concealed weapon permit. You must take a state-standardized course and have a valid certificate of completion before a permit can be authorized. Contact the Haywood County Sheriff's Office for an appointment to apply and to be fingerprinted. Be sure to bring your certificate with you to the appointment. The cost is $90 for a new permit and $75 for a renewal. For more information and a list of course instructors, call the Haywood County Sheriff's Office front desk at (828) 452-6768. Cash or Check ONLY. We do not accept Credit Cards.
…GET A PERMIT TO PURCHASE HANDGUN?Pistol Permits are no longer required in NC.
…HAVE A CIVIL PAPER SERVED?The Sheriff's Office accepts civil process by mail, Federal Express, UPS, or similar delivery, or hand-delivery between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The cost for civil service within the state of North Carolina is $30 per person to be served, $30 per person for civil subpoenas, and $5 per person for criminal subpoenas. The cost for out-of-state civil service is $50.00 per person to be served. There is no charge to serve Ex Parte Domestic Violence Protection Orders in or out of state.
...EVICT A RENTER?1. First give the tenant a 10-day notice, either written or verbal, to vacate the property;
2. Obtain a Magistrate Summons / Complaint in Summary Ejectment from the Clerk of Court;
3. The Clerk of Court will set a court date for Summary Ejectment within seven business days from the date of issuance;
4. You must bring the Summons to the Sheriff’s Office for service and provide a stamped envelope;
5. You must appear in court for the Small Claims Court hearing on the day assigned;
6. If a judgment is ruled in your favor, the defendant has 10 days to appeal and/or vacate the property;
7. If the defendant has not moved out within the 10-day period, a Writ of Possession of Real Property is needed for the Sheriff’s Office to remove the tenant(s);
8. The Writ will be carried out within five business days of receipt.

Remember: A landlord-tenant agreement refers to persons in a verbal or written contract to use a defined parcel of land for a specified term in exchange for payment.
...GET BACK PROPERTY THAT BELONGS TO ME?Civil disputes involving claims less than $5,000 are heard in Small Claims Court;
Civil disputes involving claims more than $5,000 but less than $10,000 are heard in District Court;
Civil disputes involving claims more than $10,000 are heard in Superior Court.

To take out a small claims action, a Magistrate's Summons to recover property or money owed must be filed with the Clerk of Court at the Haywood County Justice Center. It is not required to have an attorney for a small claims action, but you may hire one if you wish. To file these papers, there is a fee determined by the Court. Claims are heard before the Civil Magistrate on the first floor of the Justice Center on the appointed date.
...CHECK ON THE STATUS OF A CIVIL PROCESS?Please contact the Haywood County Sheriff's Office front desk at (828) 452-6768 during regular business hours and reference the defendant's name and type of civil process.
…OBTAIN A CRIMINAL RECORDS/BACKGROUND CHECK?You may obtain a Haywood County Criminal Record/Background Check from the Clerk of Superior Court, located in the Haywood County Justice Center. The cost is $25.00.
...CHECK ON THE STATUS OF MY CASE?When filing a criminal report, you should receive an Incident Response Guide with the responding deputy's name and your report number written on it. You may check on the status of your case by calling the Haywood County Sheriff's Office front desk at (828) 452-6768 during regular business hours and referencing the responding deputy's name and your report number.
…REPORT A MISSING PERSON OR RUNAWAY?There is no waiting period to file a missing person or juvenile runaway report. Call the law enforcement agency where the missing person or juvenile was last seen.
…MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO BE FINGERPRINTED?Some employers now require submitted fingerprint cards. This is common for childcare and security-related jobs. Fingerprints are done at the Haywood County Sheriff's Office,
Tuesdays 9:00am-11:00am & 2:00pm-4:00pm
Wednesdays 9:00am-11:00am & 2:00-4:00pm
Thursdays 9:00am-11:00am & 2:00-4:00pm.
**NO Fingerprints in the afternoon on the 3rd Thursday of every month**
Appointments are not required.

Effective Feb. 13, 2023, we will ONLY provide this service for Haywood County Residents. Your drivers license/ID MUST have a Haywood County address.
…OBTAIN A WARRANT?If you need to obtain a warrant for assault, trespassing,communicating threats, harassing telephone calls, or any other misdemeanor violation, go to the Magistrate’s Office at the Law Enforcement Center located at 1620 Brown Avenue, Waynesville.

Any responsible adult can get a misdemeanor warrant provided you can explain to the Magistrate (Judge) the reason for getting the warrant and provide evidence or sworn testimony to support it. The Magistrate may require that you file a report with the corresponding law enforcement agency where the crime took place. Only a Deputy Sheriff or a Police Officer can obtain a felony warrant on your behalf.
…REPORT A TRAFFIC ACCIDENT?The Sheriff’s Office generally does not investigate traffic accidents. This is handled by the North Carolina Highway Patrol; you may contact them at 1-800-445-1772. If an accident occurs inside the city limits, contact the corresponding police department that covers that area.
…APPLY FOR VICTIM ASSISTANCE?For victim assistance, please contact the District Attorney’s Office at (828) 454-6510. If the assistance needed stems from domestic violence, you may also contact Suzie Pressley, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocate, at the Haywood County Sheriff’s Office at (828) 452-6672, ext.2884, M-F, 9 am - 5 pm.
…HELP PROTECT MY VALUABLE POSSESSIONS?Keep a record of brand, serial number, model number, description of all your valuable possessions. Make copies of this list and keep them in more than one safe location. You may want to attach photographs of your property to this list. If your property is stolen, this documentation can greatly assist in its recovery.
…REQUEST A TOUR OF THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE?If your scout troop or similar organization would like a tour of the Sheriff’s Office, please contact the front office at (828) 452-6768 during regular business hours.
...BOND SOMEONE OUT ON A CHILD SUPPORT ARREST?Persons wishing to pay on behalf of the defendant in custody must pay the full amount of child support owed. This is done by providing Haywood County Department of Social Services (DSS) with a money order or cashier’s check payable to the North Carolina Child Support.

If DSS is closed, a cash-only payment on Haywood County child support orders for arrest may be made to the criminal Magistrate located at the Sheriff’s Office. Cash payment must be for the exact amount of child support owed. This payment method is available only when DSS is closed. For an out-of-county child support warrant, payment must be made in the originating county where the order was issued. The Haywood County Magistrate cannot accept payment for any out-of-county child support orders for arrest.

For payments or questions about Haywood County Child Support orders for arrest, please contact Haywood County DSS at (828) 452-6620 and select Option 4.

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