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Kevin Burress

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Detention Lieutenant

Bruce Abbott

Detention Lieutenant

Robbie Moore

The Haywood County Detention Center is located in the Haywood County Law Enforcement Center at 1620 Brown Avenue in Waynesville. The 150-bed facility provides secure housing for males and females who have been committed to the custody of the Haywood County Sheriff. There may be as many as 110 inmates housed in the main facility and up to an additional 40 minimum custody inmates housed in the Annex.

The Detention Center utilizes an indirect supervision style of inmate management and is comprised of a total of six different housing units with a booking area and central control. There are several inmate and facility services to include a medical unit, visitation lobby, laundry services and facility maintenance as well as a kitchen area. Staffing for the Detention Center includes 42 full-time positions which are comprised of administration, operations and support staff. Regular hours for the Detention Center office are Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Inmate Information

For inquiries about an inmate – including charges, bond amounts and residential information, please call the automated Haywood County Detention Center phone line at (828) 452-6670 and select option 1. Inmate information is updated every 15 minutes.


Visitation is by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, visit www.inmatesales.com. You may also come into the lobby to Visitation A to schedule a visit on one of the kiosks. Appointments must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Visitation Rules

An inmate must be classified and assigned to a housing unit to receive a visit.

  • Visitors must have valid state or federal ID card or driver’s license. All identification must contain bearer’s photograph.
  • Minors fifteen (15) years old, or younger, do not need identification when a parent or legal guardian accompanies them.
  • Adults sixteen (16) years old, or older, must have proper identification to visit.
  • Children may not be left unattended at any time.
  • No purses, female wallets, bags, pocket knives, weapons, cellular phones, radios, cameras, pens, pencils, paper, tobacco items, matches, lighters, pictures, nail clippers, nail files, sharp items, or recording devices of any kind are allowed.
  • No items may be left unattended in the lobby area.
  • A visit may consist of one adult and one child.

Rules of Dress for Visitors

These rules of dress will be strictly enforced. It will be the responsibility to let their visitors know about the rules. Shirt and shoes are mandatory. The following are not allowed:

  • Tube tops, halter tops, or tank tops
  • Spaghetti strapped tops or bare midriff
  • Clothing displaying gang affiliation
  • Pant or shirts with see through fabric
  • Shorts above mid-thigh (14 years of age and above)
  • Dresses/skirts above mid-thigh
  • Miniskirts
  • Wave caps, do-rags, or bandanas
  • Clothing of a generally revealing nature
  • Spandex clothing
  • Tights without shorts

Any other item of clothing; DEEMED BY THE STAFF, to be contrary to the policy of modest and acceptable dress will not be allowed.

Questions concerning the above information should be directed to the Detention Administrator

Visitation is conducted on the following days and must be scheduled 24 hours in advance:





Information required for visit includes name, address, date of birth and driver’s license. Children may visit if accompanied by an adult.

Inmate Commissary Account

Inmates confined to the Haywood County Detention Center may have the privilege of purchasing certain items from the Detention Center Commissary. To purchase items, individual inmates must have funds available in their commissary account. The commissary accounts for the Haywood County Detention Center are managed by Kimble’s Commissary Services.

Funds deposited in an inmate’s account may be made with cash, debit or credit card using the kiosk located in the Law Enforcement Center lobby. Deposits may also be made with debit or credit card by going to the Inmate Canteen website. If you have any issues with the commissary services provided, please contact Kimble’s directly via their website.

Inmate Telephone & Email Service

Inmate telephone and email services are provided by Combined Public Communications. Family members and friends determine the amount they wish to deposit on an inmate’s account for telephone and email services. Funds deposited to an inmate’s telephone fund may be made with cash, debit or credit card either by using the kiosk located in the Law Enforcement Center lobby or by going to the Combined Public Communications website. If you have any issues with the telephone services provided, please contact Combined Public Communications directly via their website.

Bonding Process

Once an individual is arrested and brought before either a Judge or Magistrate, the Conditions of Release and bond are set by that official. These conditions must be met for that person to be released from custody prior to their court date. If a person has a secured bond, that amount can be satisfied in one of three ways:

Option 1: Paying the full amount of the bond in cash to the Clerk of Superior Court as a promissory measure to guarantee their appearance at all court dates for that particular case (the full amount is returned if the defendant is present at all court proceedings once the case is fully disposed of); or

Option 2: Haywood County landowners may use property they own as a guarantee against the defendant to ensure their appearance at all court dates. If the bond amount is greater than $2,500 then a current Haywood County Tax Statement must be presented to prove there are no tax levies against the property at the time of application (unless a prior waiver is obtained from the Magistrate or the Haywood County Clerk of Superior Court); or

Option 3: A bondsman may be contacted to post bond for the defendant. The fees vary for among bonding agencies, but typically 15% of the bond total is charged as a non-returnable service fee. A current list of bonding agencies in Haywood County may be obtained from the Haywood County Detention Center or the business section of the phone book. Please note that Detention Officers are not allowed to recommend bonding agencies.

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