Haywood County Sheriff's Office

Criminal Investigations Division

The Haywood County Sheriff’s Office has a Criminal Investigations Division, or CID, that handles cases not readily resolvable on the initial call. These cases usually demand significantly more time than a patrol deputy can devote to a single case, and often require specialized training, experience and/or expertise. Besides working cases, detectives also assist Communications with validating NCIC entries, verify the addresses of registered sex offenders, and conduct criminal background checks on potential hires.

CID consists of a captain who oversees administration, a lieutenant who works general crimes, a sergeant, a full-time evidence technician, three general crimes investigators, one detective assigned to work child abuse cases, two sergeants and four deputies assigned to the Criminal Suppression Unit, and two Unified Narcotics Investigative Team detectives.

Lieutenant Matt Shell 


(828) 356-2939 

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