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Community Watch


Community Watch programs positively influence the quality of life in our communities.

Community Watch programs work by using the concentrated cooperative effort of neighborhoods to develop environments where crime cannot flourish.

The purpose of the organization is to aid in the prevention of criminality and the reduction of criminal opportunity in our communities.

Community Watch is also referred to as Neighborhood Watch. This program is organized and maintained by citizens, however, a relationship with local law enforcement agencies is a strong part of the program’s success.

To browse community watch materials as well as signage, visit the National Neighborhood Watch Institute’s website HERE or call their phone line 888.669.4872.

If you live in Haywood County and would like to learn more about starting a community watch where you live or revamping your current community watch, contact the Haywood County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer at (828) 356-2880 or email at lindsay.regner@haywoodcountync.gov.

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